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Long time DMV hiphop vet Dugee F. Buller (@dugeeLFE) blessed me with a hard copy of his Moet and Mad dog project this past weekend while we were shooting and I must say it is feel good music. Dugee brings a laid back yet fierce delivery, mixed with great production, it is definitely a joint to download and get familiar with( plus bruhdem rep Clinton and Uptown so its basically a family affair!) get hip and enjoy…Moet & Mad Dog

#awolgang #winningstreak

Key! vs OG Maco

Mannn when my bro Stevo sent me a lil teaser of this joint a couple weeks back, I knew it was gonna be serious, and these two did not disappoint, y’all people better get hip to that OPB x OGG maneee. S/o to my potnas!

Original Moombahton, Vol. 3 by @OG_Moombahton

01. Noizekid X John Eric - Tembleque
02. ZKYA - Shake That
03. Temir Bulut - Ridin’ Low
04. LightCore x Tré Melvin - Types Of Hoes (Wannabe Munchi)
05. DJ Melo & Danny G - Tu Tambien
06. Wost x Nathaniell x Vico C - La Vecinita
07. Morebrains & WOOGIE - Jumanji
08. Gabriel Rowano - Rompe La Discoteca
09. Jon Kwest - Parking Garage (Fr33k It)
10. Comrade - Para No Xao
11. Macrohard - 37000ft
12. Champion Rocka - Head Hunting
13. Paul Lee - Snake Dance
14. The Maniax - Fiyah-Fiyah
15. PEACETHAFVCKOUT - Funk The Baile
16. D-DOTs - WTS (Mash It Up)
17. Rod Franco - Rumba
18. dOpe Tendencies - In The Club
19. Rathero - For The Hood
20. Banginclude - Twerkquake (Moombah VIP)


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